COVID-19 Update: AETL is remaining open with skeleton crew to service essential companies


Our passion and dedication to environmental stewardship make us the right choice for your next project. American Environmental Testing Laboratory, LLC (AETL) has implemented an aggressive growth strategy in order to provide innovative industry leading service coupled with game changing customer service. Most importantly we do this work to make the world a better place.

A Company with Culture

American Environmental Testing Laboratory, LLC (a Kyzer Labs company) offers comprehensive expertise and solutions with clear, accurate results for all of your environmental testing needs.

AETL believes that cohesive company culture impacts every aspect of our business, and it starts right at the top. Our management team is responsible to provide the support and environment that each and every team member requires in order to succeed.

We promote strong organizational values, and lead by example to create a positive work flow environment. It is no secret that happy employees are productive employees. Good company culture also attracts new talent while retaining our MVP’s. Its a win win for our clients and ourselves!

Dedicated to a
Safer Environment

AETL constantly strives to meet and exceed the environmental testing needs of our customers, and to deliver analytical data that is always technically and legally defensible, with the best combination of speed and cost.

Response to COVID-19 Outbreak

Due to the Novel Coronavirus outbreak, AETL has activated its business-continuity and pandemic plans to ensure seamless operations throughout this situation, including provisions for ensuring its Laboratories and offices remain fully operational and are equipped with the needed equipment and supplies.

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