At American Environmental Testing Laboratory, LLC (AETL) compliance is a way of life. Our diligence in upkeep of certifications, memberships, and associations keeps us connected to the community. Not only do we believe in being a member, but a positive role model and a leader.

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Our focus has always been to provide fast, accurate testing services with an emphasis on the overall customer experience.


AETL was established in 1990, in the beautiful city of Burbank, proudly serving California’s environmental industries for over 30 years from public to private sectors, including local municipalities and government agencies.

We constantly track both technical advances and regulatory compliance measures in the industry to stay on top. We are strategically located near all of California’s regulatory agencies.

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AETL understands that in order to provide the best possible service, we must first invest our time and energy in our culture and team members.

Our staff of highly trained and motivated personnel operate on an elite level not only because they believe in what we do but most importantly we believe in them!

See what our team has to say about being a part of AETL.

“Without the AETL team, we wouldn’t be able to sustain the growth of this company. I applaud them daily for building successful relationships with our customers and supporting”

Roman Vulis, CEO

“Every day I have the opportunity to use experience gained over my career to solve real world problems for my employer, clients, and coworkers. I’m fortunate – I get to make a difference.”

Michael Brady

“After work I feel satisfied. The tests which we are doing in AETL all are about human health, and this is the significant part of my job.”

Melina Khachekian

“AETL from day one, gave me this opportunity to thrive. On a personal level, curiosity is the main force behind my daily life in my work environment.”

Christine Novshadayan

“It is important to have a positive attitude, enjoy your work and feel motivated to do your job. Feeling productive sets you on the path toward success, and helps you get through the daily grind!”

Adriana Garcia

“Why is it important? It’s because I feel I have a purpose. It puts meaning in this fast–paced life. The work we do here helps not only the community, but the country as a whole. ”

Editha Rosario